by The Enclave

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This is a concept album based of a post-apocalyptic era.


released February 22, 2014

Michael Poole - Drums
Ross Hariel - Guitar
???? - Bass/Vocals
Joshua Berger - Vocals/Guitar

Special Guest Vocalists:
Austin Ryan of No Youth on "Third"
Chris LaVey of Paramaya on "Comes"



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The Enclave Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Track Name: Behold
Excuse me but is this thing on? Can I have your attention please?! It finally happened. The end is no longer nigh. It sits knee high. The air is thin but the streets are thick. Hosts no longer dwell in their vessels. When the curtain call was signaled the crowd did not stand nor cheer. Instead they fell in silence. As if they've been swooned by the sweet sounds of their own doing. Advances extended to digression in their cores. Lost between wires and satellites rather than veins and valves. Vain creatures they were. Some slept with one eye open, some closed their eyes in faith, some were wide awake, but a few blinked their eyes to remember why they were ever alive.
Track Name: Third
a hydra lies in the midst commonfolk/it sends all of its signals in clouds of smoke/scaling a global amalgamation/Lord have mercy on this abomination
the damned they want it all for the right price you will not be free/they could have anything that they asked for but they want more and more/as it all just manifests the world takes its very last breath these words shall breech my lips/don't accept this as your fate we lie down when its/( time to stand up)
nothing is sustained/stale air and dead waves/nothing is proclaimed/bless those who God Saves

are you there/can you hear me/ as I jericho the deafening/sounds of the disheartening/and all of its malevolence
they're shaping the world with only/three corners
completely aware of our every move/who warned us?
exclaim it to the skies all you may/livid inward
are you there/can you hear me/can you pick me up on this frequency/ as I jericho the deafening/sounds of the disheartening/and all of its malevolence
Track Name: Comes
some might treat/this thing known as/gullibility/as disability
we were trained to think/as they want us to/i can scream/until you turn blue
leaving you parched there is/no oasis
let me tell you something about a pyramid scheme/built on all of their selfish dreams/something we should have realized because the wicked decieves/they want us to fall to their feet by bending our knees
the only shine the stars harbors lies and cries
behind what we trust the most disguises and hides
tell me what's the point of pride if we must abide
their rules their ways ending our days surprise surprise
diligent aren't we?
at least we think we are
vigilante scum
is what what we'll become
seduced and hoodwinked
by thinking that we are gods
that struck the match
we let this village burn

The terrain gazed upon its own destructive patterns set by the dwellers only one can imagine. The fight for supremacy a Napoleon percentile makes an exodus into exile.
The scenario has been mapped for decades. Welcoming negatives. Binding a polar reaction while applying us with sedatitives. Adapting and accepting a new culture as it may seem dancing to a new patriotic theme.
Stills lay on shattered floors. Memoirs find their burials under debris. Terror was never miles away but on our steps giving us little room to breathe. waiting for an invitation it never expected to recieve.
For those who yearned for the rapture. Found themselves in a new world of capture.
As I make my plea to what has made us. Say it with me God save us.