by The Enclave

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The Enclave's 2nd conceptual album


released June 13, 2016

Vocals/Guitar: Joshua Berger
Bass: Sheldon Ward
Drums: Mike Poole
Guitar: Ross Hariel

Recorded by: Jimi Hudson



all rights reserved


The Enclave Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Track Name: The Basilisk Vs The Voice

In their final moments
They will remember my name
Lead here by my ruse
Tumble down the precipice
In their final moments
They will remember my face
Lead here by my ruse
Tumble down the precipice

amidst the chaos before us
they all sang the same chorus
but i swear i won't stop until i hear them all quiver and scream
"i just wanna stay alive. i just wanna stay a lie."

"the delegation enables our freedom. you said we couldn't join'em so we beat'em. Today and tomorrow we fight fire with fire."
"the rights we attained aren't wrong. the earth it hums a new song. Today and tomorrow we fight fire with fire."

Ready. Set. Aim. Fire.
Track Name: The Difference Between Heard and Herd
Halos ascend to the heavens
But hell keeps them centered
Flashing and shocking nations
Vibrations shatter glass nerves
Splitting sizes mulitple times
Pre maturity settles easeier
Leveling and cleansing the dirt
Just wait and they'll show us
Every atom they're made of

everyone retreat and withdraw
all within a rule of thumb
in a deseparte measure
human kind finds closure
cast down
there's got to be a way out of this
a dream come true for this tyrant
an advocate to mitigate gloom
the grounds shake in the key of boom
Track Name: Reign On Your Parade
the abrasions on my wrist remind me of the departed
webbing between my sprained thumbs are keepsake to the oxygen
the lacerations may leave me no apathy
survival of the fittest the alpha is your omega now rank inclined
i will relive every moment
now as the world's worst opponent
seething heavy over carrion so enticing
can you just cease to exist so i may bloom
you cannot coerce with a lurched jaw
hold your tongue nevermind i'll do it
speechless are we? here's the new silent treatment
cortort my mind limbo i bend my spine
if i ever want to see the world change i will see it fit.
Track Name: Tomorrow Never Came
Carnage paints barren landscapes
Treading makes distant thunder
Casting mayhem into lakes
Dragging bottom pull them under
there's no hope in today. there's no hope in tomorrow. because it never came.
I find myself in this cul de sac
What do you want love? Well do you won't love?
Well you can't have it
No one told the world how bad it is....but i will.....tell them all
No one told the world how bad it is....but i will.....kill them all
allow me to bring death to life
i once was the harbringer of conquest
i am now the regret in convictions
exploiting the fabrication unweaving before our eyes
propaganda paid in full by yours truly. the sow will squeal.
speak up quietly
why are you here?
Track Name: Apparition
a worthy adversary you may be
a worthless world you try to save
i admire your tenacity but
i have no qualms with you
who knew that the incursion would come from within
the falsehood still follows me
do you know where i've been?
do you know where i've been in my own sin?
Ebony and ivory are my enemies and i swear they won't get the very best of me.
the worst is coming you will see.
ebony and ivory are my enemies and i swear i'll show them no mercy.
Track Name: Penance
anchor your knees. wave your white flags
pose in kow tow.
bow your head down. see your new home?
boot hill will soon be occupied i guarantee it

terra will know terror at its finest
i will gladly acquaint the two
i'm tired of chasing sorrows with sorrows
and of course arrows chasing arrows chasing morrows

apathy shows its ugly face.
where sympathy is common place.
what a wonderful world laid to waste
now we will see the end of days.